What kind of shooter are you?
What kind of shooter do you WANT to be?

Are you just getting started, and want an introductory class? Or are you an experienced shooter, who wants a good solid analysis of your technique? Perhaps someone who is planning on concealed carry and needs to learn appropriate skills for the lifestyle? Or do you like pistol competitions, and want to move up in class in USPSA? Or do you need to work on your defensive tactics skills?

Then we can help you.

We can make you a better shooter.

We have a PrecisionResponse YouTube Channel with various videos of match performances, commentary, qualifications, and instructional videos (and while you are there, subscribe so that you always get a notification when we post a new one), and we also have the PRT blog in which we discuss various aspects of shooting, firearms, and self-defense (don't forget to follow that one, too!).Take a look, and let us know what you think!


Precision Response Training can help you increase your skills. We offer classes in shooting skills, concealed carry (including the official Nebraska State CCW course), defensive tactics, close quarters techniques, and competition shooting. Take a look around, read our philosophy, check out our various courses, then sign up for a class.

You will not regret it. You will be a better shooter afterward.

(And you can now buy gift certificates for your friends and loved ones!)

Current military, law enforcement, or corrections personnel receive 10% off their training fee. Departments should contact us for group-specific training at public service discount.

Precision Response Training classes are held in and near Plattsmouth, NE, with classroom sessions in the LifeArts building at 546 Ave A, and range sessions at a private range nearby. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.